The Complete Boutique Experience

Functional harmony

”Every and each day and moment was unique. The guests just left themselves to the hands of their trusted host. He knew when the nature was at its best.”

We deliver the complete experience consisting of the untouched nature, local delicacies, luxurious accommodation and activities available only in Lapland. At the centre of it all is a traditionally built lodge cabin with highest aesthetic and functional quality.

The Jávri team provides the ultimate in concierge services with personalized customer experience designed according to the traditions. You will face the extraordinary natural ecosystem of Lapland at the second largest national park in Finland, right at the doorsteps of Jávri.

Luxury for Senses

”During mornings and evenings the guests gathered around a single table in the cozy social area of the Lodge. They shared their knowledge and views, and most of all, they enjoyed life. Those were magical moments of unexpected connections.”

Our guests, whether a couple, individually or as a group, embrace the intimate shared-space of the Lodge. It generates a relaxing atmosphere in which to enjoy sparkling conversations, discuss interesting topics, and share stories of the day’s activities. On some evenings it might also promote aurora watching!

The philosophy of our cuisine is to preserve the local ingredients and to keep the qualities intact during preparation. The menu will vary according to what our trusted fishermen and hunters have caught. It is the motivation for our chefs – the freedom to use their imagination.