A place so special that it was the source of inspiration for Urho Kekkonen, the longest serving President of Finland. Located in the wilderness of Lapland with vast lakes and forests, Saariselkä is where we can experience northern lights, coldness, darkness, and in contrast: never-setting sun as summer replaces winter. It is a setting where he felt the tangible presence of nature rejuvenating him before he returned to the hectic pace of daily government. Eventually, Saariselkä grew in his heart and he built his private lodge here. A place to share with the people closest to him.

Today this is Jávri Lodge, the most luxurious boutique hotel in Lapland, which can host 26 guests in 13 rooms.


The President’s experience and knowledge of Lapland made him a natural host. He arranged activities for royalty, world leaders and friends alike based on the season, weather, snow conditions, temperature and the seasonal availability of local delicacies. He knew when nature was at its best and his guests were privileged to stay in his care and share the experience.

The legacy lives on at Jávri Lodge today. Our guests enjoy dedicated, personalised treatment with the same spirit and tradition as in those Presidential beginnings.


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