What does Jávri Lodge have to do with a man who served as a President of the Republic of Finland between 1956 and 1982? A lot happened during those years both in terms of domestic politics within Finland and the changing relationships between East and West. The story of our lodge is not a story about politics, however. Indeed, the lodge had its origins in the President’s need and desire to escape the pressures of politics: to find time and a place to relax and be at one with his country’s finest environment.

The village of Saariselkä and the surrounding environment had truly grown in his heart and it was not a surprise that he built his own private Lodge here. It was a personal venue for politics and his private life. Looking back, the Lodge is a testament to 'Finnish peace’ – a sentiment holding true for many Finnish nationals. The setting sun after a winter sauna, the light midsummer night, the peace and purity of nature, and for some, peace negotiations amid international politics.


President Kekkonen was a fascinating and complex character with a deep sense of the need for individual privacy. Yet, legends about his fishing and skiing adventures with world leaders paint a colourful picture of a highly social personality. While some legends have been well-established, those are stories for another time. What we do know is this: Saariselkä became part of President Kekkonen's relationships with leaders of the World during important and often chaotic periods in the twentieth century.

Although we can never know exactly what took place within these historic timber walls, we can imagine the sense of tranquillity and peace experienced by the politicians and other visitors who came to experience the best hospitality Lapland could offer under the guidance of the President.


Today this is Jávri Lodge, the most luxurious boutique hotel in Lapland, accommodating up to 26 guests.

The legacy carries on at Jávri Lodge. Our guests can be sure they are looked after with the same presidential spirit of hospitality and tradition. Genuine concierge services ensure every visit is different. Our respect for your privacy and individuality is central to the personalised and bespoke service we provide.

Jávri Lodge is a log cabin built in the traditional Lappish style. Wood evokes aesthetic pleasure and increases our tranquillity and good feeling. Relaxing in a log cabin can have a positive effect on the stress levels associated with modern life.

We are delighted to welcome you to Jávri Lodge and invite you to share something extraordinary with us.


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